Photo credit : Michael Butler
What if a garden grew in your living room? This NYFW season ETANA New York debuted a surprise preview to the clothing collection coming soon with the Bloom Collection Handbags at the VNF Productions show on Wednesday September 11, 2019. The presentation set was a living room filled the flowers along side them sat each bag in full bloom. 
photo credit : Jacqueline Ayala 



ETANA New York is founded by Floresca Isme. A Haitian-American Model based in New York City. From runways to working in production Floresca found her passion for luxury fashion is just to great to not share it with the world. Pushing the boundaries of what luxury means to consumers.

Etana New York embraces and exudes elegance and focuses on creating an empowering experience with every order.

"I look to encourage the world to wear your confidence all while on the pursuit of living up to the highest expectation of oneself, outside of the boundaries of societal norms."

- Floresca

From hand poured eco-friendly candles to designer handbags. ETANA New York is advancing the conversation of what luxury truly means.