About the brand

ETANA New York is Founded by Floresca Isme. A Haitian-American Model based in New York City. Our brand is an array of creations. It is stretched around multiple ideas from fashionable clothing to durable- authentic handbags to designer candles.All of our products are made with vegan materials and are ethically sourced.Our mission is to empower consumers in a fashionable way to live up to the highest expectations of one’s self. Luxury is not based on a dollar amount. Luxury is an experience. Consumers and organizations support our brand due to the authentic experience created with all of our products; From the moment they view our items to receiving it at their homes.


Thank you for shopping, visiting and supporting ETANA New York.As a new fashion brand on the rise it is and will continue to be my mission to empower our communities fashionably. As a first generation American born to immigrant parents, I have been afforded the opportunity to pursue dreams that I used to only imagine I could as a child. These dreams have given me purpose in growing this Fashion House. Each collection draws inspiration from all parts of the global. A luxury brand that is affordable. "I hope to impact a culture of people that are looking to wear their confidence for the world to see.

"ETANA New York Mantra;"

Failure isn’t a means to an end; Hitting the ground is a perfect place to be, in order to build a foundation.  The courage to overcome and succeed is what we strive for. A seed that is planted and taken care of properly regardless of environment will always flourish and withstand.”